Access Costco Travel To Find Low Price Rental Cars

Costco travel is completely owned subsidiary of Costco wholesale which is offering leisure travel to its members in low rates. Costco rental cars are booked through Costco travels website which are available to Costco members. You must have a valid membership card at the pickup time. You can search rentals cars by price or by brand names.  You are required to login to your account to view your bookings any time. Follow the given below steps in order to find a rental car at low price.

What Is Detailed Procedure To Find A Rental Car At Costco Travel Online?

  1. First of all turn on your computer system and open the web browser which you are using at this time.
  2. In the next step you are required to add the official URL link of the website into the search tab of web browser.
  3. The link of website is given over here
  4. As you get an access to the homepage of the website you need to click on the option which is marked as “Rental cars” located at the center of the main heading.
  5. After clocking on this button a new page will display where you are required to click on the option of “Start low price finder”.
  6. You need to enter the required information into the given areas.
  7. Enter the airport, city name, ZIP code or address into the marked areas for pick up and drop off locations.
  8. Mention the pickup car date and drop off date from given options.
  9. In the next section you are supposed to select the pickup and drop off timings.
  10. Tick on the option of “Yes, I am at least 25 years old” to verify your age.
  11. In the next step click on the red color option which is labeled as “Search”.
  12. You are required to pick up the location and click on the button of “Continue” to move further.
  13. Select the car from the options of economy car, compact car and intermediate car.
  14. After selecting the car click on the option of “Continue” to proceed further.
  15. Review all the information and login to your account or continue without a Costco travel account to rent a car.
  16. If you have any query or you want help feel free to visit FAQs of the website.

Can I Purchase A Car Without Logging Into My Account?

Yes, you can purchase without logging in by providing your valid last name and membership number. You are required to choose “Continue without an account” located on the login page.

How Do I Cancel Or Change My Rental Car Reservation?

You can cancel your reservation by calling the company customer service directly or online at Costco travel by logging in and choosing the option of “My account.

You Can Make Change Online By:

  • In the first step you need to book and confirm a new reservation.
  • You are required to cancel the prior reservation in the next step.

You Can Cancel Reservation Online By:

  • You are required to login to your Costco travel account.
  • In the next step you need to choose the current booking you want to cancel.
  • Click on the option of “Cancel booking” located near the top of the page.
  • Click on the button of “Yes” when the pop up ask to confirm cancellation.
  • You will be informed about your cancellation through email.
  • This service is free of cost and easy and simple to use.