Special Hours for Walmart Canada Members: Early Access

Special Hours for Walmart Canada Members: Early Access

Walmart Canada announced a new initiative aimed at enhancing the shopping experience for its members: Special Hours with Early Access. This program is designed to deliver exclusive shopping hours for members, allowing them to shop in a more relaxed environment, escape the regular crowds, and access special deals and services. This effort is part of Walmart Canada's continued commitment to providing exceptional customer service and value to its committed customers.

Special Hours for Walmart Canada Members: Early Access

Introduction to Special Hours: Early Access

Special Hours with Early Access is a membership-based program that allows Walmart Canada members the ability to shop during exclusive hours. These special hours are set outside of usual store hours, typically early in the morning or late in the evening. The idea is to create a quieter, more convenient shopping experience, particularly advantageous for people who want to avoid hectic periods or who have tight schedules.

Benefits of Early Access

1. Reduced Crowds: Members can shop without the normal hustle and bustle, making the experience more enjoyable and efficient.
2. Exclusive Deals: Access to unique specials and discounts accessible just during these exclusive hours.
3. Priority Customer Service: Enhanced customer help during early access hours, ensuring that members receive individualized assistance.
4. Enhanced Safety: Fewer shoppers in the store can contribute to a safer shopping environment, particularly crucial amid health-related concerns like pandemics.

How It Works

Members of the Walmart Canada program can participate in the Special Hours promotion by presenting their membership card or app at the store entrance during the authorized hours. The timetable for these hours varies by area and can be reviewed on the Walmart Canada website or app. Typically, these hours are set early in the morning before the store opens to the general public, or late in the evening after regular closing time.

Why Walmart Canada Introduced Early Access

Walmart Canada recognizes the different demands of its customers. By offering Special Hours with Early Access, the company intends to:

Enhance Customer Satisfaction: By giving a more personalized purchasing experience.
Increase Membership Value: Adding concrete incentives to the membership program motivates more customers to join and renew their subscriptions.
Improve Store Operations: Managing customer flow more effectively and giving greater service to members.

Membership Details


To be eligible for the Special Hours with Early Access, customers need to be part of Walmart Canada’s membership club. Membership can be obtained through the Walmart Canada website or at any Walmart store. There are many categories of membership, each offering differing amounts of perks, with the Early Access function being available in the premium tiers.

Membership Fees

The membership fee varies depending on the tier chosen. Basic membership could offer conventional benefits like free delivery on online shopping, while premium membership includes additional perks such as the Early Access hours, unique deals, and superior customer support. Pricing details can be found on the Walmart Canada website.

How to Enroll

Customers can apply for in the membership program by visiting the Walmart Canada website or any Walmart store. The process is quick, needing basic information and payment for the membership level selected. Once joined, members receive a membership card and access to a digital card on the Walmart app.

Special Hours for Walmart Canada Members: Early Access

FAQs about Special Hours for Walmart Canada Members: Early Access

1. What are Special Hours with Early Access?

Special Hours with Early Access are special shopping times exclusively for Walmart Canada members, timed outside of regular store hours to provide a quieter and more convenient shopping experience.

2. How can I find out the special hours for my local Walmart store?

Special hours vary per location. Members can check the schedule for their local store on the Walmart Canada website or through the Walmart app.

3. Do I need to show my membership card to access these hours?

Yes, members need to display their membership card or the digital card available on the Walmart app to access the store during Special Hours with Early Access.

4. What types of promotions are offered during early access hours?

Exclusive bargains during early access hours can include discounts on popular items, special promotions, and early access to new product releases. The specific deals may change by store and time.

5. Are there any additional expenses for entering early hours?

Accessing early hours is included in the premium membership categories of the Walmart Canada membership program. There are no additional expenses beyond the membership fee.

6. Can non-members shop during these hours?

No, Special Hours with Early Access are unique to members. Non-members will not be allowed admission during these defined periods.

7. How do I become a member to access early hours?

Customers can become members by joining up for the Walmart Canada membership program online or in-store. Membership tiers that offer early access can be selected throughout the signup process.

8. Is this service available at all Walmart Canada locations?

Most Walmart Canada sites participate in the Special Hours with Early Access program. However, availability may vary, so it is advisable to check with your local store or the Walmart Canada website.

9. Can I use my membership at any Walmart location?

Yes, members can utilize their membership at any participating Walmart Canada site to access Special Hours with Early Access.

10. What if I lose my membership card?

If you lose your membership card, you can use the digital card available on the Walmart app or request a replacement card by calling Walmart customer support.

11. Are there any restrictions on the things I can purchase during early access hours?

Generally, there are no restrictions on the things you can purchase during early access hours. However, some deals and promotions may have special limitations and conditions.

12. How often are early access hours offered?

Early access hours are often available several times a week, depending on the store’s schedule. Members should visit the Walmart Canada website or app for the most up-to-date information.

13. Can I bring a guest with me during early access hours?

Policies for bringing guests during early access hours may differ by store. It is best to verify with your local Walmart store for particular restrictions.

14. What measures are in place to guarantee a safe shopping environment during early access hours?

Walmart Canada takes safety seriously and uses several measures, such as better cleaning processes, social distance norms, and restricting the number of shoppers during early access hours to guarantee a safe shopping experience.

15. Can I submit comments on my early access experience?

Yes, Walmart Canada appreciates comments from members to improve the Special Hours with Early Access program. Members can offer feedback using the Walmart Canada website or app.

16. Will I receive notifications regarding special hours and deals?

Members can opt-in to receive information about special hours and promotions through the Walmart Canada app or email updates. This guarantees that members are informed about the newest offerings and schedules.

17. Are there any intentions to extend this program?

Walmart Canada is always reviewing consumer feedback and demand to potentially expand the Special Hours with Early Access program to other locations and periods.

18. How does early access aid members during busy seasons?

During peak seasons, such as holidays, early access provides members with the opportunity to shop in a less crowded atmosphere, guaranteeing they may purchase popular items without the stress of enormous crowds.

19. Can early access hours change?

Yes, early access hours can change based on store operations and member input. It is important to periodically check the Walmart Canada website or app for any updates.

20. Is there a customer care hotline for membership inquiries?

Yes, Walmart Canada has a customer support hotline for membership inquiries. Members can find the contact details on the Walmart Canada website.


The introduction of Special Hours with Early Access at Walmart Canada emphasizes the company’s drive to boosting customer happiness and offering added value to its membership program. By offering exclusive shopping hours, Walmart Canada caters to the demands of its diverse client base, ensuring a more convenient, fun, and rewarding shopping experience. Whether it’s to avoid the crowds, take advantage of exclusive bargains, or enjoy a quieter shopping atmosphere, the Special Hours with Early Access program is a key benefit for Walmart Canada members.
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