Costco Hours for Senior Shoppers: What’s the Schedule?

Costco Hours for Senior Shoppers: What’s the Schedule?

Costco has long been dedicated to catering to the different needs of its membership base, including geriatric shoppers and those with health risks. Recognizing the significance of offering a safe and convenient shopping environment, Costco has prolonged its special senior shopping hours till 2024. Here's a full look at the timetable and benefits of these devoted hours.

Costco Hours for Senior Shoppers: What’s the Schedule?

Special Senior Shopping Hours

Costco's senior shopping hours are scheduled from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays. During this period, the store is solely open for senior members aged 60 and over, as well as for those with underlying health issues that make them more susceptible to infections. This project, initially established during the COVID-19 epidemic, has proven to be incredibly popular and useful, delivering a quieter and less crowded shopping experience.

Why Senior Shopping Hours Matter

1. Reduced Crowding
: The allocated time slot ensures that elderly consumers can avoid the hustle and bustle of usual shopping hours. Fewer people in the store imply a more comfortable and stress-free shopping experience.

2. Enhanced Safety: With fewer shoppers and enhanced cleaning standards in place, senior hours offer a safer atmosphere, minimizing the chance of exposure to infections.

3. Personalized Assistance: During senior hours, Costco workers are more ready to assist with locating products, lifting heavy items, and answering questions, boosting the whole shopping experience.

4. Peace of Mind: Knowing there is a set time for them, elders may shop with confidence, knowing that their health and convenience are emphasized.

What to Expect During Senior Hours

Ample Stock: Early morning shopping normally means that shelves are well-stocked, as refilling typically occurs overnight. Seniors can find the products they need without worrying about stock limitations.
Quiet Environment: The ambiance during senior hours is often calmer, making it simpler for elders to explore the store, discover things, and make purchasing selections without feeling pressured.
Dedicated Staff: Staff members are readily available to provide help, so that seniors may shop effectively and comfortably.

Tips for Senior Shoppers

1. Plan Ahead: Make a shopping list to ensure you obtain all the essentials without unnecessary roaming.
2. Arrive Early: Arriving directly at the start of senior hours can allow you the most amount of time to browse in a less crowded situation.
3. Use Online Services: If you prefer not to purchase in-store, consider using Costco's online shopping and delivery services, which have been updated for faster delivery and more flexible alternatives.

Additional Considerations

Local variances: While the basic schedule is similar, it's always a good idea to check with your local Costco for any particular variances in hours or additional safety measures that may be in place.
Health measures: Costco continues to enforce health and safety measures, including regular cleaning and sanitization, to provide a safe shopping environment for all members.


Costco’s dedication to providing dedicated shopping hours for seniors reflects its broader objective to serve all members with care and concern. By giving a designated time for elders to shop comfortably and safely, Costco not only satisfies the requirements of this key population but also reaffirms its image as a community-focused retailer. Whether you are a senior looking for a more quiet shopping experience or trying to shop with greater peace of mind, Costco’s senior shopping hours offer a practical and appreciated answer.

Costco Hours for Senior Shoppers: What’s the Schedule?

FAQs About Costco's Senior Shopping Hours

1. What are Costco's senior shopping hours in 2024?

Costco's senior shopping hours are from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

2. Who qualifies for senior shopping hours?

Senior shopping hours are allocated for members aged 60 and older, as well as those with underlying health concerns that make them more prone to illnesses.

3. Do I need a special membership to shop during senior hours?

No special membership is necessary. Any Costco member who fulfills the age or health condition standards can shop during senior hours.

4. Are senior shopping hours accessible at all Costco locations?

While most Costco locations provide senior shopping hours, it’s always advisable to check with your local store to confirm precise specifics and any local changes.

5. What safety precautions are in place during senior shopping hours?

Costco continues to implement improved cleaning practices, social distancing measures, and other health guidelines to provide a safe shopping environment during senior hours.

6. Can caregivers accompany seniors during these hours?

Yes, caregivers and companions are allowed to accompany elders who require assistance when shopping.

7. Will the store be properly supplied during senior hours?

Yes, supermarkets are normally well-stocked during the early morning hours, as restocking usually happens overnight, ensuring that elders have access to a large choice of products.

8. Is there additional help available for seniors during these hours?

Yes, during senior shopping hours, Costco workers are more ready to assist with discovering products, lifting heavy items, and offering any other necessary aid.

9. Can seniors use the drugstore during senior shopping hours?

Yes, the pharmacy is open during senior shopping hours. However, it's advisable to check with your local Costco pharmacy for any unique information or modifications.

10. Are there any particular discounts for seniors during these hours?

There are no special discounts exclusively for seniors during these hours. However, seniors can take advantage of any ongoing specials and promotions offered to all members.

11. What should elders carry when shopping during these hours?

Seniors should bring their Costco membership card, a shopping list to ensure they get all supplies effectively, and any necessary personal protection equipment like masks if required by local guidelines.

12. Can seniors still use Costco’s online shopping and delivery services?

Yes, seniors can use Costco's expanded online shopping and delivery services, which offer shorter delivery times and more flexible pickup options, complementing the in-store shopping experience.

13. How can seniors share feedback on their shopping experience?

Seniors can offer comments through Costco’s customer service channels, including the website, customer service hotline, or directly at the store.

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